Saturday, 19 April 2014

Pre-Easter Week (14-18th of April)

Spring has definitely arrived and not just because Easter holiday was just around the corner. This week was to be slightly shorter than usual becuase friday was a free day thanks to Easter.

On Monday, JACis had a special visitor, a friend of Luci from Bulgaria, who is currently doing her EVS in Hungary. Her name is Slovena and she stayed with us for 2 days.

On Tuesday, Pilar joined myself and Giorgi and prepared a very nice presentation about her home country Spain, which lasted over an hour. Full of many colourful pictures, I have to admit that it was the best country presentation so far.

Wednesday marked the beginning of new weekly activity. Since the weather outside is getting increasingly nice and sunny, time has come to introduce weekly football matches for everyone willing to kick the ball. With almost 20 participants, it was far from easy to score a goal, but it was all the more fun. In the end it did not even matter who won as everyone was super happy (and in my case super tired, too).

After spending more than 2 hours on the pitch everyone was naturally hungry and thirsty, thus a slightly postponed presentation of spanish easter cuisine was more than appreciated. Unfortunately by the time we assembled the camera into photo mode, most of the food was already gone. Thus you just have to take our word for it. And it was delisious, too.

Thursday was our last day before Easter holiday and so a perfect opportunity to share how egges are being coloured in Latvia. A lot of onion skin and ever more eggs... everybody got a chance to do at least one on their own.

This day was all the more special, because our it was our dear Katjas birthday, too. Unfortunately we were unable to celebrate it with her as she was on vacation for the whole past week. But we still found a way how to let her know that we remembered.
At the end of the day, we all went to JORIK theatre to take part in country presentations of Russia and Spain wy their EVS volunteers Nastja and Kike. And it was great!

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