Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Goodbye Prokop!

On Friday (08.07) was the last day of our Slovakian volunteer Prokop Teper.
It was already a busy day, being in Zeimuls in the mornning to meet with the senior volunteers and on the Ortodox camp in the aftenoon. But that of course wasn't all as after this we headed to JACis where Vija and Katja had prepared a Goodbye party for our Prokop.

First only we had work to do: To complete the video for Youth partners project. Harder to do than say as neigher of us could keep a straigh face even if we had to look threatening for the video. Neeles to say this shot was full of lovely bloopers ;)
You can see the whole video (and hopefully the bloopers) in JACis or soon on JACis blog.

After the 'exhausting' filmig we came back to JACis. The official part had begun.
A table covered in sweets and all JACis local volunteers were waiting for us when we came back in the room. Completed ith Vijs's home-made apple pie. Yum!

It's so hard to imagine that the prohect is already coming to an end. Prokop is the first to leave but soon enough all of us will return to our respectable countried. How it is going to be then? What are we going to do? How are we going to feel after JACis?
For sure we won't forget it. Rezekne ad become a second home for us. And now, in the perspective of going home we have mixed feelings - nostalgia for home and in the sae tim the bitter feeling that we will leave something from us behind, here in JACis.

We wish you the best wherever you are. You are in Sweden now but we know that you will continue to travel and explore, grow and learn. More and more, never satisfied.

We are glad to have met you, known you and cared for you. We all hope to meet again in the future.

Keep the memories form JACis close to your heart and they will continue to give you warmth and courage. 

You will always be a part from JACis and let JACis always be a part from you.
Let's meet again :)
We love you!'

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Ordotox camp

This week the main event was the
Ortodox camp on which we were asked and were glad to help.
It was the whole week but we went only for three days - on Monday, Thursday and Friday - the closing day.


On Monday the day was led by Georgi who volunteered to make with the kids Churchela - Georgian sweets made from grape juice and walnuts.
We were his helpers as he explained the kids what it was and how it will be done.

First we had to make long nets from walnuts with the help of a needle and strings. All the kids did it themselfs and we were there only for guidance if needed.
After this Georgi made the jely from grape juice and flour and started to put every strings in it.
They hanged it to wait few days for it it dry.

But this was not all for Monday as we had planned to play 'Flag to flag' with the kids. Again we guided them outside and explained the rules to the kids.
I can say that the game was a big success - it involves running and competing with each other so what else do the kids need?
They were all laughing and enjoying it, not minding the sun or the tiredness from too much running.
I felt a little bit old watching them: How awesome is to be a kid?

On Thursday we went to the camp having prepared several international activities and games.

First we played with them the 'knee game' which is a kind of energazier that permits you to move a lot and get accustomed with the people around you. The point of the game is to hit the knee of the other person as many times as you can while he tried to hide it with his hands. It may be a little hard to understand just from the explanations but believe me that is a pretty awesome game.

Ater this we decided that it's time for everybody to introduce themselfs and played several name games with them. First they had to say their names and do a significant mvement which we all had to repeat. We played this energazier few times before and it was easy. But the kids started doing acrobatic moments and saltos so we soon again felt out age ;)

 Inside Prokop lead a traditional Slovakian game for the end. It was a bit of a diference as all of them had to sit on the floor this time. But also it was pretty interesting for them because the game included a certain Slovakian words (don't ask me to repeat them) which they had to say constantly.

For the end each of us had prepared a traditional food which we presented and shared withthe kids from the camp. I made Mish-mash - a dish from white cheese, pappers and eggs. Pilar made Bunuelos - sweet flour balls with milk and eggs. And Prokop made a cake from white bred with nuts and raisins. 
Bon apeti!

Friday was quite a full day.
Firstly we went to Zeimus where we, along with the other international volunteers in Rezekne, met with a group of Latvian and Polish senior volunteers. With them we talked about the volunteering, what it actually meant and that it should not end with the age.
It was actually quite inspiring to meet with these women who already had families and even gran children and are still willing to travel, explore and work as volunteers. I think all of us thought how great it would be to, even when we aged, still have the enegry to be like them.

 After this meeting we went to the camp for the last time. We were not the main 'actors' this time as Vitaliy came and tauten ropes between the trees on which the kids were sliding and walking. Of course safety was first so we were guarding them and helping them. In the end we as well tried to walk on the ropes.

It was the end of the camp so the organizatiors had prepared certificates and icons for us as a form of 'Thank you'. We were really happy to be part of this camp and surely had a great time with the kids.
We all wish luck to the camp for the next years as it was the first year it was realized.


Sunday, 3 August 2014

The coin exhibition and different kind of joys

During this week everybody was preparing for Wednesday as then in JACis was going to e held an exhibition.

Nevertheless the last activities of Kalim-bam-ba continued as we helped them and even took part.
The activities that took part during this week:

  First there was Petanka, a really fun game that the kids from the project introduced for the first time. We, even as volunteers, were really happy that we can join this game and learned it.

By the end of it the organizatiors held ceremony to give dimploms to the participans.

This month was deffinetely the beading month as on several occasions in JACis we had beading workshops. This particular were organized from the local JACis volunteers. But of course we had to join too :D


Looks just like real, does it not?

Is it that scary, Prokop?  :p

And finally arrived Wednesday. The man who organized the exhibitions is called Bronislavs and he had one of he greatest collection of coins, old and new, I have ever seen. 

When I came to JACis the first and second room were already full. The table in the first was covered with collection of Euros from the all European contries.

The billard table with banknots - new and old.

And all the other places with internation coins from all kind of countries: from Afrika and Amerika to the Far East (China, Japan, Korea).

It was amazing how interesting was the colection and it was not even the full one. Not less amazing was how much the man himself knew about his coins and was constantly telling us about them, from where they are, from which year and all their details.

We had to look at some of the coins with magnifying glass to see all the small details better.
All in all we spent at least two ours looking at this exhibition and listening to Bronislavs' explanations.

I can honestly said that it was one of the most interesting events and all of us and the youngsters were really happy that it took place in JACis.

After this event the work in JACis went on different ways.
The local volunteers and youngters in JACis stayed in the second room and played billard. It's like a traditional JACis game which every youngster in JACis is either learning or really good at.. I myself tried to learn a little. I can play now. Unfortuantely I'm not good at it. Yet :)

On the other hand




We, as volunteers had our 'favorite task' to do - couting checks. Ah the joys of EVS



. . .

Monday, 28 July 2014

Travelings and weddings

It was a week of great experiences for me (Lyudmila) as well as a week of great expectations as in the end of it was Sasha and Ilze's wedding. Even in JACis we could feel the excitement in the air.

As always the workshop for the 10th years university continued, especially interesting being the Video workshop lead by Anna.

 But we felt something different around us.

The week was even more exciting for me because in the begining of it a friend of mine came from Bulgaria and together we set to travel for few days. Together we traveled to Riga and Sigulda and discovered how beautiful Latvia can actually be.

First we traveled to Riga where we walked around the old town and the river to the houses of Art Nouveau. They were especially interesting for me as I'm fascinated with the life in the old time. To imagine people living in this buildings with enourmously big rooms and high ceiling, modern pictures hanging from the walls and a grand piano in every house - it was truly amazing for me.

I alway liked Riga because, different from another capitals, it had perseved its old building in the center and you can really feel its history on the streets outside the old town.

On the second day we headed for Sigulda. I was excited to go there because I had read about the Gauja park and wanted to go for about two months already. We left our heavy bags in the infromation office and went straigh for the castles.
In these two days we went to the both castles, the Gutman cave, the Serpentin road as well as the ruins on top of it. We also marvelled at Gauja's river from the bridge.
Spenidng two days in Sigulda and mainly in the National park I can say that I loved it. Gauja park holds amazingly beautiful nature in itself. The Gutman cave was especially interesting for us as it was the first time we see a cave with such ingravings on its walls.

 Latvia is surely a country that holds many beautiful things in it's towns and forests, me and my friend both agreed on it. I hope I can return someday and explore it once again.

On Thursday I was already in Rezekne, refreshed from my travelings and ready for work. Coming in JACis I immediatelly felt the expectations for the near wedding and also learned the plan that JACis had for the happy couple - we were making a Gate.

For those who don't know what exactly a 'Gate' is, it's a Latvian tradition - a chalange that is set for the newlyweds. It's a gate, usually for flowers trough which they have to pass using different kind of tactics. Most likely they have to bribe the gate-keepers and also pass trough their challenges.
Needless to say we the vounteers eagerly embraced the idea of taking part in an Latvian tradition and begin the task to make the most beautiful gates ever.

Katja and the local volunteers joined the group as well and made several questions for the best man and woman refering the happy couple. In Friday we stayed for more than an hour rehearsing it all and making sure that everything is ok.

And then finally came the day -  26th of July, the day of the wedding. It was an especially hot day but we didn't feel it so much, it was as if even the sun was happy. The both newlyweds were beautiful and most importantly - smiling like the happiest and luckiest fools in Rezekne. Ah, I guess it's great to be in love.

Anyway we started our little challenge. It all went exceptionally well, the best man and woman were finny answering the questions and needn't to say they got everything right.
When it was time for the bribing we recived out award for the hard work until now.

. . . 

And of course had to eat it right away.