Saturday, 31 August 2013

Only 3 days left before the EVS

My name is Pilar, a Spanish girl. I am going to start my EVS in JACis, only 3 days left! Right now, my head is thinking "I have to finish preparing my luggage and I hope don't carry excess baggage" because I have to bring clothes for all four seasons!! Also, I am thinking about much other things like "What will I say when I arrive at Rezekne?" or "Will I know how to explain?" etc. :)  :) :)
I am looking forward to know Rezekne, my new city. I know a few things about Latvia, but really it is an unknown country for me. There are a lot of different things between Latvia and my country, the culture, the language, the history, etc... For that, I am nervous about my arrival, but I think this is normal because I am going to leave my "comfort zone" to start my "learning zone". I would like to give the best of me and I want to grow personally.
It is difficult to write about oneself, but is always enriching to think about our aims, achievements , mistakes, etc.
I trust in myself, very important! So, I will have to overcome the "culture shock". Also, I hope to understand with my new friends and Latvian people :D .Surely, at the beginning, we can't understand each other (We speak different languages, our culture is different, etc...) but I am not going to give up... of course not! I will have to learn and express myself through words and gestures daily. For me it is very important to observe.
After months of waiting, I am going to begin my volunteering and I am very happy!! I will tell you my impressions on this blog.

"Sometimes a person has to go a very long distance out of his way to come back a short distance correctly." Edward Albee, American playwright

Pilar, EVS volunteer from Spain

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Preparation for the project

As the EVS project "Youth Partners" has already started, EVS volunteers from Spain, Slovakia, Georgia and Bulgaria, and of course Youth Open Centre "JACis" are really preparing for the project.
So, during the August JACis local volunteers Aleksandrs Gluznovs and Nikolajs Tihomirovs tried to introduce project's countries. They organized four interesting quizzes about Spain, Slovakia, Georgia and Bulgaria for children and youth. Children were very interested in the quizzes. Before the each quiz children and youth were exploring a little bit the country, reading books and encyclopedias. At the end of the quizzes children and youth got some sweet presents for the right answers.