EVS is a great opportunity for young people to obtain a lot of useful knowledge about different countries, different cultures and about people`s customs and traditions. It will help them to broaden their outlook and to help in their desire to improve their life and the life of people around them.  

The tasks of the volunteers:
-To plan and to organize different educational, procreative, sportive and leisure time activities for young people and youth;
-To express his/her own initiative in the organization of activities and actively participate in the work of the youth centre;
-To set his/her own learning tasks and to achieve them with the help of the mentor and youth workers;
-To realize his/her individual event/project/etc.

The volunteer will organize and help the youth workers to organize the educational, procreative, sportive and leisure time activities for youth and young people. Volunteer will have an opportunity to adapt himself/herself in rural area, to learn new social competences and how to work in a team.

There are several activities, which are already a tradition, for example, art-terapy workshops, photography exhibitions, `Popielas` festival, where young people from Rezekne schools make a mucisally-theatretical performances for a mix of songs; The Hip-hop music and dance festival in summer.

As the youth centre is active in the EU programme `Youth in action`, a volunteer will also help to plan and organize international activities.

Volunteer will also have an opportunity to develop his/her own activities and realize new ideas. According to our previous experience, before the project a volunteer made an approximate plan of possible activities s/he can make or organize. The stuff of the organization will provide all necessary help (materials, methods, contacts, advice, experience, ideas, etc.), but the volunteer must be autonomous to think and to prepare activities. There is an opportunity to prepare activities related to themes like citizenship, European Union and Youth Programme to demonstrate to the youngsters in the Youth open centre and in the schools of the city. We are always open to new ideas and new practices as they can be used to our work in future.

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