Sunday, 13 April 2014

7-11 April

On April 7, Pilar and I were in JACis. Prokop and Lucia were traveling abroad. Procopius was in Milan and Lucy was in Moscow, which is my dream city.
Pilar and I have done Miniatures plates with children. This was a very interesting and lengthy process, but the children liked it very much.

On Wednesday, I did Shaski tournament, in which 15 participants took part in the challenging. The participants were young, kids and my friends Prokop Teper. Our International Championships was tense and exciting. Several players played very well. Anriki Akmentinjsh took first place, second place - Renars Susejs , third place - Nikita Nazarov. The winners were awarded medals, diplomas and prizes. Also, all the participants were given certificates.
On Friday, conducted pilarma Computer Quizzes, which proceeded successfully. Participants were interested in how to make a collage of pictures in their blog posts. Now I want to try to do a lesson and teach computer architecture and show some interesting applications.
On Saturday, JACis officials initiative to  held a charity excursion to anchupan, where both of European volunteers and local younger took part in the charity trip.
First of all, we anchupanis Clean Up the nearby area. Then we set up fun activities for the children and took a video clip. I can not describe it with the word and offer you a short video clip.
Your George J

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