Tuesday, 1 April 2014

week 24-30 march

I'd like to tell you about the last week of March. It was the most exciting week of this month. We have prepared a stand about evs and Erasmus Plus. We took part in choosing a career and career advancement in the evening. Also, various professions, university and high school officials  took part in this evening, who advised the young people.
We are explaining to young people what evs and Erasmus Plus, how to find a project, how to write a cover. After the end of the evening, we received a gift - a voucher for 25 euros worth of pizza from a pizzeria “LA pizza”.
Also, Carmen, Anas and me attended the discussion, which took part in the EVS volunteers as well as the Erasmus students. The first discussion was held latgale hotel, where we were discussing various cultures, lifestyles and people.
Other georgians also took part in the discussion, which is very pleasing to me. At the end of the discussion, all participants made a presentation about our country.
In JACis Prokop, Roman and Lenkam arranged the evening, they presentation their country and prepared a traditional Slovak food and games.
The presentation was very interested. In this presentation I have learned that in Slovakia are many towers and almost everyone has a mystical legend.
Everyone was very impressed Slovak cooking, I especially liked their traditional bun, which has a unique taste.

Lucis had coocking activiti in JACis,
she making bulgarian food Tutmanik it was so good.

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  1. Please, add the recipes of traditional Bulgarian and Slovakian food))))